Fun on the Water

There’s lots to do on Lake Nosbonsing aside from fishing!

We get beautiful weather into September and October, so you can still find plenty to do on the water after summer is over.

Rack for our paddleboards and other water activity toys.

Paddle Boating

Take our paddle boat out for a little casual, relaxing exercise as you explore the shoreline. Great for sightseeing.

Our paddleboat.

Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding is very popular – find out what all the fuss is about with our new paddle boards. You can sit or kneel on them too! Take one out for a spin on the lake.

paddleboards for SUP or for sitting on

Glass-Bottom and 2-Seat Kayaks

Try our glass-bottom kayak and check out the lake bed while you explore, or take out our kayak built for two!

Diving Platform and Raft

Swim out to our diving platform or the raft and hang out on the lake.

Beautiful Sandy Beach

Our beach is located where the water is shallow and weed free; the best for your small children to learn how to swim or just build sand castles.