Birch Hill Camp: A Family Business

Our cat, Snowy

Birch Hill Camp is a 50-year-old, family run tourist camp situated on the north shore of beautiful Lake Nosbonsing.

Comfortable Cottage Accommodations

We offer our guests five housekeeping cottages that vary in size from 1 bedroom, to our 2000sqft 4-bedroom cottage. They come with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms and all have showers. Country living doesn’t have to mean “roughing it”!

Experience Lake Nosbonsing

Our dog, Wolfe

All of our cottages are a stone’s throw away from Lake Nosbonsing, and being on the north shore, we enjoy the most sunlight all day.

We have experienced some of the best fishing in 25 years on Lake Nosbonsing and area.

Our kids are our top priority, so if you visit us you will have the chance to see how we are protective of our natural resources for their lifelong enjoyment.

We will happily teach you what it takes to sustain our plentiful resources. Come and visit our family at Birch Hill Camp; we are eager to show you nature at its best.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Northern Ontario at Birch Hill Camp

Looking over the lake from the windows of all our cottages gives you a storybook view of Ontario’s natural beauty. Watch the sunrise every day, and enjoy stars and changing moon phases after dark. The beauty we see outdoors every day in Northern Ontario is remembered by all that experience it; we invite you to become part of our landscape!

The lighthouse at Birch Hill Camp