Boats & Motors

New in 2019: 16′ Aluminum boat with floor, and 20 HP four-stroke Yamahas.

We have excellent docking facilities.

We have been renting boats and motors since we started Birch Hill Camp in 1969. My father used to rent the Geisler wooden boats, made from cedar. We have come a long way since then! We have 15ft aluminum boats with 15hp outboards that can accommodate 2 to 3 people, and for 2 people they are a great fishing vessel. We have moved up with our boats and motors: we now have 3 larger boats with 40, 50, and 60hp motors on the 16 to 18ft aluminum boats. These boats come complete with live wells, depth finders and trolling motors.

As the weather starts to change in the fall, the bigger boats are becoming more and more desired, because the weather can change quickly and the comfort of seats, and a flat floor makes the fishing experience more pleasurable.

So, if you’re thinking of planning a fishing trip, the boats we now have available will make for a very enjoyable and comfortable stay with us at Birch Hill Camp. The fishing is always plentiful for one species or another through out the year.

  • 16 ft. and 18 ft fiberglass and aluminum boats.
  • Fully equipped with 15 hp, 20 hp on brand-new 16 foot boats, 25 hp, 40 hp, 50 hp and 60 hp motors
  • Boat launching ramp
  • Excellent docking facilities
$100/Day or $500/Week
50HP Boat and Motor for Rent
50 HP Boat and Motor
Trolling Motor
Depth Finder
Live Well
Safety Equipment
Perfect For Up to 5 Persons


$100/Day or $500/Week
40HP Boat and Motor for Rent
40 HP Boat and Motor
Trolling Motor
Depth Finder
Live Well
Safety Equipment
Up to 4 Persons
Perfect 2-Person Fishing Boat

$80/Day or $400/Week
25HP Boat and Motor for Rent
25 HP Boat and Motor
Level Floor
For Up To 3 Persons
Safety Equipment

$80/Day or $400/Week
Boat and motor for rent.
New for 2019
16ft boat with floors
live well and seats
20 HP 4-stroke Yamaha

$60/Day or $300/Week
15HP Boat and Motor for Rent
15 HP Boat and Motor
Safety Equipment

All of our boats come with life jackets. We have canoes, paddleboats and wakeboards as well.

Paddleboat available for rent

Cruise the lake at a relaxed pace!